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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Incoming Mail Art from Henry Guild

After a rough day, followed by a long walk in the rain at four in the morning, I went to check the mail, and found this piece waiting for me. It was especially powerful to me, in a way that only the receiver can describe. We have all had powerful synchronicities before in life, however, it is especially amazing when it come in such a form as this.

As far as Mr. Guild goes, I am assuming that he found my address through my blog. There is something incredibly refreshing about the simplicity of this piece. All that the envelope contained was these pictures, however, the candidness and honesty of a normal day in New York fascinated me profusely. I am a sucker for day-in-the-life documentation, and I was very intrigued by this piece. 

In case any of you would like to see more of Mr. Guild's mail art, mail him something neat, or just give his page some love, here is his IUOMA page:

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